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‘“We rarely talk about cost. We talk about waste, quality and safety, and we find the costs go down.”

Patrick Hagan

Three pillars of sustainability

BroadHead Associates is an interim management consultancy supporting the Health and Social Care sector. We help organisations by solving problems and delivering change management through business turnaround and operational transformation.

Our approach to change management is supported by three key pillars of sustainability. These deliver quality-based service improvement and turnaround business outcomes.

Change Management

Operational Transformation

Business Turnaround

We work in both the private and public Health and Social Care space both in the UK and internationally. We do this in the acute and elective hospital services, children and adult mental health settings and for intellectual disabilities services.

Change Management

This means taking a transformational leadership approach to improving performance and driving up quality. We view the business environment end-to-end, as an entire system, looking at the whole not just focusing on isolated parts of the organisation. This ensures that we include organisational culture, values and strategic direction when assessing the current organisational state. This starts with mapping current business end-to-end processes and operational performance through to developing the future-state model and identifying the gaps we need to bridge.

We work closely with all stakeholders, especially frontline staff, clinicians, carers, service users and patients at every stage of the Check, Plan and Do process. By using lean process redesign principals, it ensures that we identify and maximise value whilst designing out costly waste.

This change management approach drives up service quality, process innovation and cost effectiveness, which in turn creates long-term and sustainable business growth.

Operational Transformation

From the Board room to the Frontline we provide hands on practical leadership and day-to-day management to help our clients overcome business critical challenges. This takes the form of interim management, situational and crisis leadership interventions.

An integral component of any BroadHead intervention is to equip client teams, managers and their staff the with knowledge and skills to make and embed change. We do this by leading from the front, setting clear direction and through on-the-job coaching and mentoring.  

This approach to operational transformation drives up knowledge capital, resolves organisational problems and positively changes the workflow.

Business Turnaround

Business Turnaround is achieved by a commercial transformation process. A future-state model is created through a strategic planning activity, allowing us to help clarify your business objective, strategy and timescales. We can build a plan to achieve your growth targets and optimise your business model. The plan combines commercial and operational requirements that will crucially deliver the business growth.

Whether you are a Private Equity company looking to expand your portfolio or a service provider looking to increase your footprint. Or wanting to enter new markets or needing to adapt to a changing market place, we can assist you in the end-to end process.  This includes strategy and planning, operational and commercial due diligence. Market entry, business development and acquisition scanning. 

Our approach to business turnaround combines commercial and operational transformation with hands-on delivery.

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