BroadHead Associates delivering operational transformation in Health & Social Care

““Without change there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement”

William Pollard 


We are an interim management consultancy supporting the health and social care sector. We help organisations by solving problems and delivering change management through business turnaround and operational transformation.

Change Management Approach

Our approach to delivering change and innovation is driven by first assessing the actual current state of organisational performance “The Check’ . This check identifies the key areas in need of change in order to create ‘The Plan’ before delivering the hands-on leadership and operational transformation activities ‘The Do’. This Change Management Approach drives up service quality, process innovation and cost effectiveness, which in turn creates long-term and sustainable growth.

Operational Transformation Leadership

It is well known that health and social care systems around the World are coming under intense pressure. Global populations are growing and people are living longer. This is driving up demand for services but against a backdrop of decreasing resources and funding. The challenge now is how to transform the system and working practices so that it drives both better value and better outcomes. We can help achieve this through delivering transformational leadership and implementing lean business process re-design.

Business Turnaround Outcomes

BroadHead Associates helps organisations achieve better outcomes and drive up service quality through business turnaround. This takes the form of interim management, situational & crisis leadership and knowledge transfer. We work closely with all stakeholders, especially frontline clinicians, carers, service users and patients. This approach identifies and maximises value whilst designing out costly waste.

We work in both the private and public Health and Social Care sectors in the UK and internationally, delivering change and business turnaround in acute and elective hospital services, children & adult mental health settings and for intellectual disabilities services.

We can help by solving problems and delivering change management through business turnaround and operational transformation. If you need any assistance to transform your business we are highly experienced in the areas of leading change, strategic planning, designing lean processes and operational service management.

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